Body & Soul Leadership’s One-on-One Consultation is an individualized engagement in examining your individual strengths and development needs so you can understand how they are impacting your personal and professional life; and build and execute a plan with measurable goals and benchmarks that will result in the desired changes of enriching your live and enhancing your performance in everything you do.

One-on-One Consultation is also very effective for Team coaching and development involving two or more individuals on a leadership or executive team. It includes:

  • An assessment of what is working and what isn’t working
  • Identification of the desired end result
  • Diagnosis to identify improvement opportunities and next steps
  • An implementation phase during which the team and the individual players execute the next steps identified during the assessment process

Speaking Appearances

Have Cindy Holtfreter speak to a room or auditorium filled with your employees and each person will become empowered and energized when she’s done.

From 30-minute presentations to 60 minute sessions or 90-minute keynote lectures, Cindy can adapt to any organization’s specific needs and budget.

In addition Cindy will fit your organization’s specific values, mission, or goals into her speaking.

Cindy is an dynamic professional who uses her passion and real world experience to inspire groups of people by having the natural born gifts to connecting on an individual level with each of them.

Cindy is as
close as a call

(630) 635-3236

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